It must be noted that in ECR Solar, working low ISO 9001-2008, our range includes: Project and design in Architecture, design, assembly and manufacture of Renewable Energy Equipment.

ECR Solar can support private sector companies, government agencies, Intergovernmental Organizations (IGO’s), as well as, international investors, donors and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) with strategic executive positioning in areas such as:

  • Strategic Alliances.
  • Business planning and recommendations.
  • Strategy development and implementation.
  • Facilitating access to MDB, IGO funding, and other national and or international energy funds
  • Regulatory compliance studies on national markets or argentine provinces markets
  • Guidance on world carbon, emissions, or renewable energy credit markets.
  • Lobbying and strategic advice on how to influence or meet policy objectives.
  • Joint venture, alliance, and M&A support.
  • Feasibility assessment and technology integration planning.
  • Technology portfolio analysis.
  • Marketing strategy development.
  • Energy sourcing and strategy.

If the need is more nuanced, ECR Solar is able to provide high value throughout the strategic value chain including but not limited to:

Project development and implementation

We provide preliminary project assessment, feasibility analysis, risk management, project sitting, environmental permitting, project financing and closing, and construction services.

Strategy development and investment planning

We provide support in market forecasts and opportunity assessment, strategic planning, visioning, competitive positioning, business model development, risk analysis and mitigation plans, as well as technical and financial due diligence for target acquisitions.

Policy development

ECR Solar is aware of public policies and incentive programs and support for renewable energy in countries around the world. Our experience in Argentina and the region is warranted.

Through our international partnerships we are able to bring extremely experienced and connected local partners to assist and facilitate in policy development and analysis in target regions.

Resource, technology, market assessment and power procurement

ECR Solar is a company that works with clients to design and plan:

  • Specific advice for every need.
  • Highly trained professionals for every need.
  • Extensive experience in working with bioclimatic architecture and renewable energy.
  • The best technical and capital resources for a project.
  • Performance assessments for proposed projects or development plans.
  • Analysis of renewable energy certificates and markets.
  • Generating Certificates for Bioclimatic Architecture and Renewable Energy.
  • Studies and energy saving solutions
  • Integration of renewable energies into an overall development plan.
  • Development and issuance of Request For Proposal (RFPs), bid process management and bid evaluations.
  • Negotiation of power purchase and sales agreements.
  • Management of carbon credits or green attributes in worldwide carbon markets.

Constant participation in Congresses, Conferences, Exhibitions and Business Forums and abroad.

ECR Solar is a company that is constantly present at meetings, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, business forum, national and internationally.

  • Extensive experience in exhibitions, workshops, conferences, business forum, national and international.
  • Permanent presence in national and international forums, conferences, etc.
  • Permanent contact with Universities and Research Centers.
  • Highly qualified professionals: University professors and researches.
  • Entity convener for International Forums and Conferences.