Enrique César Rodríguez

Enrique César Rodríguez is an architect trained and graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires (FADU-UBA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in Solar Energy International, Renewable Energy Education and Sustainable Development (SEI), Carbondale, CO, USA and Diploma in Renewable Energy in the Engineering Faculty of the University of the Center of the Province UNICEN, Olavarría, Bs. As. Argentina.

President of ECR Solar Design Bioambiental and at the same time professor and researcher for the FADU-UBA in different projects and author of the book: ¨Architecture with Bio-environmental Design and the Employment of Alternative Energies", among others¨.


Bioclimatic design, alternative energy systems sizing...

This is a book that is a completely one of the most important man in our world so convoluted and confusing. If we think of some conflicts and wars (and the production of arms), poverty and hunger, we would place third, the destruction of the environment, driven by technological advances in industry and population growth exorbitant.

In this group we place the theme of the book, as a part, but crucial for the many facets that it touches. And that does not remain on theoretical considerations, moreover fundamental alternative energy but low to very specific studies and practical exercises themselves with full management of the subject.